The Impact of Noise and Interference on IEEE 802.11p

A core assumption of many network simulators is that interference and noise have a similar impact on the performance of the physical layer. Given the importance of the physical layer model for the realism of the results, it is crucial to make sure that this assumption is correct. And, to be honest, we had our doubts if this is the case.

We, therefore, conducted simulations as well as experiments in an SDR-based testbed. In a nutshell, we found that noise and interference have, indeed, a very similar impact on the performance of the physical layer. Checkout our paper for more details.

Simulation Results


In our paper, we compare the impact of noise and interference through both simulations and measurements in an SDR-based testbed.

Bastian Bloessl, Florian Klingler, Fabian Missbrenner and Christoph Sommer, "A Systematic Study on the Impact of Noise and OFDM Interference on IEEE 802.11p," Proceedings of 9th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2017), Torino, Italy, November 2017, pp. 287-290. [BibTeX, PDF and Details...]

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